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what is solomo?

Social. Local. Mobile.  It is the future.

The internet is full of acronyms, and in fact the internet really took off on the back of a famous acronym, AOL or America Online.  AOL helped change the way that people communicate with one another.  They made it easy for anyone to have a free email account and send a message to another person in minutes, not days.  We are in the midst of another massive change in the way we communicate. The mobile revolution has put the power of the internet in the palm of our hand and the way we buy things and communicate with businesses and each other will never be the same.


Humans are social animals.  Humans need other humans.  Our success has been based on coming together to accomplish shared goals for mutual benefit.  We also enjoy the companionship of like minded people and so we form communities and networks and groups.  These relationships with like minded people give us the freedom to trust their opinions much more than we do people outside our circles.  We are much more likely to try something new if someone we trust has recently tried it and liked it.


For most people, the internet has replaced the Yellow Pages.  It has been reported that 97% of consumers search online for the things that they want to buy.  Frequently people will research their purchase online and then go to the store and pick it up.  Consumers research products, compare prices, read reviews and then even find directions to retail locations online, but they still prefer to go and buy products they can touch and feel.  Local SEO provides great opportunities for retail businesses.  Local SEO and Google Places Local are becoming vital for service businesses.  When people want to find a good place to eat or drink they usually search online for local establishments.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and others allow people to get reviews from other customers and most importantly, from the people in their circle of trust.


The mobile revolution has lead to incredibly small, portable, internet enabled devices that are affordable for almost everyone.  The average person walks around with more computing power than the Apollo 11 in their pocket!  We have the power to communicate with everyone we know and find virtually anything we could need all with a few taps and swipes.  Millions of people use that power every day to decide where to go for lunch and where to go after work.  Mobile marketing and local seo give businesses the power to leverage the mobile revolution and the smart phone explosion to increase their sales quickly.

Social, Local, Mobile

The mobile revolution has changed the way that people communicate and how people spend their money.  Mobile marketing and local SEO is the cutting edge way for businesses to cater to what people want.  People love to be able to find out what their friends like and do, and where they are, all while on the go.  Social, local, mobile.  SoLoMo.

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