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Update:Learn About Google Sniper 3.0 Here

Sniper Sites

sniper is a marksman who shoots targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the capabilities of regular personnel. Snipers typically have specialized training and they don’t just use any gun, they use distinct high-precision rifles.  Snipers can be very efficient at taking out specific targets.  One shot one kill.

A sniper site or sniper website is a website targeted at one specific keyword.  The idea was made famous by George Brown who created Google Sniper.  Google Sniper teaches you to go for low competition long tail keywords to get traffic with little to no backlinks, which is known as Google sniping.  Sniper sites are popular because they work.  Sniper sites do work, but Google is always changing the rules, so it is important to use the most current SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to maximize your results.   George Brown is always trying to stay ahead of the game and he recently released Google Sniper 2.0.  You can check out Google Sniper 2.0 here.

Learn About Google Sniping