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What Is The Best SEO Tool? Traffic Travis Review

Traffic Travis $1 Trial

Traffic Travis – Best SEO Tool?

When you learn enough about Google search engine marketing you realize that you need SEO keyword research software to get the best results.  Professional search engine marketing requires SEO keyword analysis and search engine rank tracking.  Some people don’t want to buy SEO software, so they are looking for the best free SEO software.  Traffic Travis offers one of the best free SEO software downloads available, but also offers a professional SEO softwareTraffic Travis Pro which might be one of the best SEO tools on the market.

If you want to download SEO software, it is nice to be able to start out with a free version, rather than a free trial.  That way if you decide not to buy, you can still use the free version and won’t lose any features, settings or work you have done.  Traffic Travis 4 comes with a version that is completely free, but still includes four fully functional modules.  Some SEO software downloads give you access to the premium features like rank tracking for only a short period of time and when your trial period is over you lose access to the rank tracking information that you took time to set up.

Traffic Travis Review - Best SEO Tool

Traffic Travis Dashboard

The Traffic Travis Dashboard allows you to see your sites Alexa traffic rank, the number of pages your site has indexed in the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.  You can also find information about Page Rank, backlinks and even see the Alexa traffic rank that you are tracking.  The dashboard contains a lot of useful information, but it isn’t cluttered, so it is very easy to read.

Traffic Travis My Site

Traffic Travis allows you to see a detailed breakdown of your site page by page including the individual page rank, backlinks, html page warnings and SEO warnings by individual keyword.  This feature is one of the best SEO tools because it helps you to focus in on SEO fundamentals for each individual keyword on each individual page.

Traffic Travis Review - Best SEO Tool

Traffic Travis Research

The Traffic Travis research tab includes advanced settings and filters that allow you to conduct expert SEO keyword research and extract the best keywords to use.  You can filter your keywords by both global and us search count and well as analyze your competition and look at average PPC and SERPs.  Traffic Travis also helps you with domain research so you can quickly and easily find profitable keyword rich domains available to buy.

Traffic Travis Review - Best SEO Tool - $1 Trial

Traffic Travis SEO

Traffic Travis 4 includes a very robust and easy to use SEO keyword research tool that tracks your search engine rankings and allows you to determine how difficult it will be to rank for a keyword.  The competition analysis tool looks at the average page rank, average number of backlinks to the page, average number of backlinks to the site, SERPs, InAnchor, and InTitle to assess the difficulty in ranking for the chosen keyword.  InAnchor, and InTitle information is only displayed for Traffic Travis Pro users.  The Traffic Travis keyword research SEO tool lets you see the sites that currently rank for a keyword or list of keywords and then lets you see the backlinks that your competition has that is helping them achieve the top 10 Google rankings that you want.  This great free SEO software even helps you to identify key backlinking opportunities.  One of the key differences in the Traffic Travis Professional software is that it will allow you to specifically target .EDU and .GOV backlinking opportunities.  This feature alone may be worth the price!

Traffic Travis PPC

PPC can be a very profitable traffic source but it is very important to do proper keyword research before spending your money to try to drive traffic to your website.  Traffic Travis 4 PPC module helps you to analyze the Adwords competition so you can make good choices and maximize your advertising budget.  You can add your Adwords account information to get better results for the Google keyword tool.

Traffic Travis Download

 Traffic Travis Free Cons

The free version of Traffic Travis is limited to only 5 projects which is not enough for professional search engine marketing.  The free version produces reports that include the Traffic Travis logo.  Traffic  Travis Pro allows you to remove the logos and personalize your reports with your own logos.  Another limitation with the free version of this SEO software is that when you review the backlinks to a url you can only get the top 100 SEOMoz backlinks.  Proxy support is included, but unfortunately you must add your own proxies to use the feature.

Traffic Travis – Final Verdict

Traffic Travis is one of the best free SEO tools on the market today.  Traffic Travis Professional is one of the best professional search engine marketing tools that you can buy.  You simply pay once for the software and you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee.  Traffic Travis is a free software download that can help you achieve professional search engine marketing results.  Try it today!

Traffic Travis Free SEO Software Download

Traffic Travis $1 Trial

Traffic Travis Video

Traffic Travis Review - Best SEO Tool - $1 Trial

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