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Google is on a mission.  They keep improving the formula they use to rank almost everything on the Internet.  This is good news for true marketers like you.  The better Google gets at weeding out the spambots and automarketers, the better their search results, and the easier it will be to find real people and real businesses like you and yours.

Author Rank is Coming!

Without getting too technical about it, Google is about to launch Author Rank, a new wrinkle in the super-secret, mega-powerful and ridiculously profitable PageRank algorithm for producing the search results we have all come to know and love/hate.  AuthorRank will use Google Plus to help the girls and boys at the Googleplex attribute content to an author and rank it, based on a variety (they’ll never tell) of factors to rate both the content and the author.  The better the content (clear, well-written, original) the better the ranking for both it and the author.  The better the author (as represented by his or her Author Rank) the better the ranking for the content.  Confused?  Me too, but suffice it to say that Google will advance their long-term agenda of selflessly producing better search results and selfishly reaping greater search market share and profits.  I’d count that as a win for all involved.  Except Bing.

So if you are already writing content for your business’s website or blog, make sure you sign up for Google Plus today so Google can start compiling an Author Rank for you and your content.  Remember, better search results means more clicks, more sales and bigger profits.