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Autopilot Income

Starting a profitable business online can be challenging. First you have to select the right product to promote, then you need to build websites, then you have to find some way to get traffic to your website and hope it converts… the list goes on and on.  One of the hardest things however, is trying to work out what type of business you want to run. You can spend all your time promoting other people’s products. You can trade your time for money and be a freelancer.  You can build lots of websites and try to sell advertising space.  Or, you can be in control by owning your own products.  If own your own products you make more money from each sale. You are also able  to attract affiliates, find JV partners, or even sell the entire business off if you decide to! Most people never try this business model because they don’t know where to start and they don’t want to have to continually buy products as they move through each phase of the process. There are several stages you must go through when creating an info product business that generates income, so what you really need is an all in one system to take you from start to finish.  That’s why I decided to search for a system that could teach me the steps I needed to create my own info product business.

I believe I have found a system that delivers.   Below is a review of this system, called Income Autopilot which was created by Gabor Olah.  Gabor Olah is an extremely successful internet marketer and product creator.  I hope you find this review useful.  At the very least, this review will show you what to look out for when trying to find good training online, and what you should expect for your money!

The core system teaches you how to create your own information products, which isn’t exactly groundbreaking by itself, but the training is delivered in a very easy to apply system.   One thing Gabor points out from the start, is how important it is to create your own products. Even though things like freelancing, blogging, buying and selling websites, selling ad space or promoting products as an affiliate can all make you great money… the truth is, having a product gives you the ultimate freedom and leverage online.  What that really means is, you can choose your own prices, make the most money, recruit your own affiliates and do your own joint-venture deals. As soon as you have your own products, you have full control over your business and your financial future. It is also more exciting too, because you can be more creative and have more control …you call the shots and you take home 100% of the profits. The great thing about this course, is that Gabor shows you how to tie in other money making methods into your existing info product business … so you really can make money from every angle.  One of the obvious benefits of IncomeAutopilot is that Gabor shows you how to create products quickly and easily … without spending lots of your own money either (which is something I know a lot of people worry about, including myself in the past)

After buying this product and getting access to the training center, one thing became clear from the start… Gabor is a fluent teacher, and the quick start training area gives you a very easy to digest overview of what you’re going to learn, preparing you for things to come. What is also impressive, is how the training covers all areas of running your business, not just product creation or driving traffic.  In other words, he shows you how your business will operate overall, how to develop the right mindset, how to put all the pieces together, how to create your actual products, how to test and tweak your system once it is making money, how to manage your time , and of course how to drive targeted traffic to your site as well.  Before you even get started, Gabor makes some crucial points about mindset and what it really takes to succeed. You’ll be surprised to know that there is hardly anything to it, apart from sticking to one simple system until it is making you money.  Right from the beginning, you can tell that this is a hype free and real way to make money online. So let’s dive in and take a closer look at the components in the course…

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Quick start overview:

The quick start overview section is the next tab as you move across the training screen.  This section is basically a condensed bite-size version of the main course. In this section, Gabor gives you a step-by-step action plan which covers everything from getting in the right mindset and managing your time … right through to creating your first info product and driving traffic.  If you’re a beginner, or you’re new to the information product creation world, then you may find some of the information on the quick start guide a little too brief.  This is really designed to give you an overview and a feel for what’s ahead. This section includes useful diagrams, and the theory itself is solid. The truth is that this section alone could be sold as an entire course by itself. Essentially, you have everything you need to start and run your information product business within the quick start guide. Gabor covers the general overview , including a diagram , then moves into the actual process of setting up your business … from finding the right niche and creating products, to setting up your website to generate leads and subscribers , and finishes off with an overview of your entire system , including how to drive traffic to your offers .  Not bad for an overview of you ask me ! However, if you were to use this guide alone, you may have to fill in some of the blanks when you get down to some of the nitty-gritty of running a business online.

Training Overview:

Income Autopilot: Long-Term Income on a Proven, REAL Business Model - Lesson #1

This section gives you a clear understanding of the importance of creating and selling your own information products for a long-term sustainable income.  It also explains the entire business model from a bird’s eye view, giving you any easy understanding of how all the processes and elements fit together.  Gabor begins with an overview of the business model, and goes into detail about getting into the right mindset, and also goes over some real-life numbers to give you a feel for what is possible. This section starts off as an overview, but then dive straight into the step-by-step process of getting your business underway. That means everything from mental preparation, to getting your first product created and hooking up all of the elements to make the business work.  It also gives you the motivation an incentive to go down this path, instead of having doubts and jumping from system to system. With so many different models to choose from online, Gabor uses this section to show you how important it is to create your own products so that you can make more money, leverage affiliates and create a business that will stand the test of time.  He also uses this section to create a very clear picture of how the business operates, and this section alone could be condensed into an e-book and sold individually… and this is just the intro!

Time Management Mastery – Lesson #2

Although it sounds boring, and many people would probably skip this section, Gabor makes time management easy and interesting … and shows you how important it really is if you want to make some money on the Internet.  Once you know how to control and manage your time, you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done. The better your time management skills, the more work you can do in less time, and with far less stress and hassle. Many people have numerous distractions and other commitments in life, including a full-time job to begin with.  If you don’t learn how to manage your time from the start, these distractions will carry you off and take this business opportunity away from you, piece by piece.

Finding A Profitable Niche - Lesson #3

Gabor uses this section to give you a clear roadmap to finding profitable nichesto operate in. Although there can still be a hit and miss feel to this part of your business, there isn’t really a simpler way to target a profitable niche in the way Gabor shows you here.  It doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate, how great your website looks, or how hard you work … if you don’t pick the right niche, then you’ll never make any money.  Even if you create great products, the truth is that money can only be made if the market is right. The harsh reality is that some markets have many keen buyers. Use this lesson to avoid that fatal mistake of picking a dud market and wasting your time.

Product Brainstorming - Lesson #4

Once you find your niche, then you need to create a product. This section gives you some great brainstorming ideas. It’s not a perfect system, and you will find that it takes practice to come up with great product ideas … but Gabor does try to make the process as simple and interesting as possible. Ultimately, this should be looked at as fun, and not necessarily hard work. If you can keep that attitude, then you’ll really enjoy this part of the course.  Creating a good product requires brainstorming. Once you learn how to brainstorm effectively, you open yourself up to the best possible ideas for creating your product. Of course this is the first step in finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. By doing this section and effectively brainstorming, you’re miles ahead of your competition already.

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Creating Your Own Products - Lesson #5

Section 5 shows you how to create your own products that are poised to sell in big numbers. Again, there is margin for error and the system is not a perfect paint by numbers way to create top-selling information products. However, it is about as close as you can get to copy and paste product creation. Gabor shares some of his simple yet potent ways to create products quickly with little hassle and time wasting as possible. This is the core part of the whole process, and although you need a little bit of patience and practice, if you follow this lesson properly, there’s no reason why you can’t create a killer product that will sell in the bucket loads. The beauty of that is, once you have a product that sells itself, you don’t have to be an expert copywriter, or have a killer website to sell it from… as the product does most of the hard work for you.

Why And How To Create An Ideal Customer Profile - Lesson #6

Many “gurus” will tell you that you need to create a product that looks good, has a great title, teaches a certain thing … but none of them ever tell you about marketing to people.  Once you know who your ideal target customeris, it makes the whole product creation and marketing process so much easier. Clearly, Gabor understands this and he has an effective way of putting this on to paper for you.

Why And How To Create The Perfect USP (Unique Selling Proposition) - Lesson #7

Next, Gabor explains why and how to create the perfect USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  Again, this is another make or break aspect of product creation, and another step that many people miss out without knowing about it. If you’re a beginner, it might take a while to grasp this aspect, despite the information being laid out very simply, including sensible examples.

Without a USP, nobody has a reason to buy from you. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, or what it is you are selling … if you cannot differentiate yourself from other peopleselling similar information, then you’re screwed. Once you’ve finished with this section, you should have a firm grasp on creating your USP.

How To Create Irresistible Offers And Sell More Stuff Than You Ever Thought Possible - Lesson #8

This section expands on creating your product and USP, but focuses on creating value for your visitors. I have to say, this is another aspect of marketing which is overlooked with a lot of similar product creation training.  It’s not just what you sell, but the price you sell it for and what kind of bonuses you offer. This is another easy section to understand, even though you may have spend a bit more time and effort applying what you’ve learnt.  The more value you can create in your visitor’s minds, the more likely they will buy from you, and buy from you at the price you tell them it’s worth. People love getting good value for money, and you can create irresistible offers by piling on the value.  Gabor shows you how to do this step-by-step, and with a little bit of patience and practice you should be able to create unbelievable value for your new products using his techniques.

Power Copywriting - Lesson #9

In this section, Gabor covers the crucial art of copywriting. He gives a nice overview along with some real-life examples that are working today. At times, it can feel a bit overwhelming if you are a total beginner … and don’t expect your first piece of copy to be a masterpiece.  However, if you can’t afford to pay a few thousand dollars for a copywriter then it’s well worth getting stuck in and mastering copywriting for good. The great thing is, if you follow the steps until now, then your product and offer should be strong enough to be able to sell themselves … without you having to pull out any fancy copywriting tricks.  Learning to write sales copy is a highly valuable skill, and can make or break your sales online. Although Gabor boils it down to a simple process, the reality is that it may take some time to grasp this part of the course if your total beginner or you haven’t been exposed to much sales copy in the past.  However, it’s well worth it because once you do learn how to write copy, you can save yourself thousands of would-be copywriters fees.

Building A Strong Foundation Part I (HTML) - Lesson #10

This is a pretty straightforward section on creating a website in HTML. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but there doesn’t really need to be. If you’re new to creating HTML webpages, this is a great place to start. Don’t get intimidated or worried about it, it’s really not as technical as you might think.  Gabor’s training in this section is kept nice and simple like the rest of the course, but you may come across a few technical snags here and there when creating webpages. Although , it’s nothing a quick Google search can’t solve . Either way, it’s worth your time and effort learning, because sooner or later you will need to slap up quick web pages by yourself.

Building A Strong Foundation  Part II (Setting The Stage - Domain, Hosting, FTP) - Lesson #11

Gabor walkes you through buying a domain name, hooking up your hosting and using FTP to get your website live on the Internet. Again, nothing groundbreaking here, but there’s only so much you can talk about when it comes to this stuff. Gabor covers it all nicely, without spinning your head with technical jargon.  These basic skills are essential for running an online business. In the early stages, you can’t rely on a technical assistant to help you out with this stuff, so it’s crucial that you grasp it from day one. Being able to buy domain names, set up hosting, and FTP your files and websiteswhenever you need to in a hurry, is crucial for keeping your business alive and flowing.

Setting Up Your System - Part I ( - Lesson #12

This section completely took me by surprise, as Gabor introduces you to one of the biggest components of the entire membership … IAutomator.  This is where you can manage your websites, subscriptions, products, download links, affiliate payments… and everything else that you need in your virtual “back office”.

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This system is based on a highly effective script created originally by John Delevara, a huge online marketer who focuses on his own software brands created for marketers.  Gabor walks you through setting up your “back office”, so that you can conveniently control everything in one central location. This element of the course is worth several hundred dollars alone, so it was a real surprise to find this inside along with Gabor’s training. It’s central location to control all of your products, download links, affiliate accounts (and everything else in between) and it really does take the headache out of running an online business. Using this powerful script, you can keep a tight ship on all of your tools, links, promo material and everything else you need to run a profitable business on the Internet.  Instead of shuffling around between files and folders on your hard drive, you have one simple location to store all of your material. If you were to buy this kind of script separately, you can expect to pay at least $500.

Setting Up Your System - Part II (Creating A Killer Squeeze Page) - Lesson #13

You receive screenshots and diagrams to show you how to set up your squeeze Page, and how your squeeze page fits into your overall business. The level of detail is more than adequate allowing you to follow along and create your squeeze page within 30 minutes or so.  Squeeze pages are crucial for building an e-mail list. Once you have an e-mail list, you can market products over and over to your list … which is ideal considering that most people don’t buy on first impressions. You can also upsell future products and approach other website owners and product owners with confidence (when you have a list, you have what they want!).  There are a lot of courses which overcomplicate creating your squeeze pages, but Gabor does an excellent job of simplifying it into a few simple steps. In fact, he shows you why simplicity is the key to an effective squeeze page … which is great news for us!

Setting Up Your System - Part III (Your Money-Makers) - Lesson #14

In this section, Gabor introduces one-time offers (OTOs), along with downsells.  He also explains the importance of integrating these into your system, and why these offers are where your real money is made. The main focus of this section is to show you how to create the pages and the sales copy for them, along with a suitable offer. This training is very concise, and clearly written by professional copywriter. The only thing that may catch some people out, is trying to figure out what to upsell or downsell for these types of offers.  It’s not enough just having a single product to sell up front, because when you start paying for advertising or paying affiliates a large percentage of each sale, you will end up making very little money. That’s why people include one-time offers on the backend, so that they can make extra commissions on top. The key is being able to write good sales copy and present a good offer, and Gabor gives you that information in this section very clearly, keeping it brief and to the point.

Setting Up Your System - Part IV (Login Offer + Members Area + Helpdesk) - Lesson #15

This is an interesting section which shows you how to create a members areafor your customers to log in to. A minimal amount of technical work is required here, especially when using the provided scripts.  What’s also interesting about this section, is where Gabor explains how to insert a “Login Offer”, which is something I would have never thought of myself. Gabor also shows you how to create a helpdesk with minimal fuss.  This part the course is a lot more important than it would seem … because if your customers don’t have anywhere to access your products, or get help, then you would be in serious hot water!  Furthermore, with the provided scripts and training, creating your login pages and members area is a breeze.  This kind of thing usually takes a few days to set up, or a couple of hundred dollars to get some technical guy to do it for you, so this is another welcome addition to the course … which saves you a lot of time and money.

Setting Up Your System - Part IV (Preparing For Scaling) - Lesson #16

Gabor prepares you to take your business to the next level …by recruiting affiliates.  Many people overlook this aspect of being a product owner, because they are put off by setting up the affiliate program and wouldn’t know where to start with finding affiliates. Gabor starts off by explaining the advantages of setting up an affiliate program, which should be obvious to most people.  However, he quickly goes on to lesser-known aspects such as how to understand what affiliates want and how to set up your program so that it automatically draws in affiliates in for you.  He actually gives you 11 specific things that you need in order to have a killer affiliate program. Some of them are common sense, but others are insights that only a successful product owner would know about … so I learned a lot from this section alone.  There is also a ton of deeper information on recruiting and keeping affiliates, along with specific technical aspects of setting up your affiliate program quickly and easily. This really is all you need when it comes to setting up your affiliate program, and making it a success.

Tracking Your Way to Bigger Profits - Lesson #17

This section demonstrates how the entire course is different to the usual e- book junk online… because it focuses on real techniques which make people money. One of those techniques is testing and tracking. If you don’t test and track stuff, you never know what’s wasting your time and money… or what’s making you money.  In this section, Gabor shows you exactly what you need to be testing and tracking, and the tools that you can use to make the whole thing so much easier. Along with some handy do’s and don’ts, this is a great starting point to make sure you’re not missing hidden profits, and that you’re not wasting your time doing stuff that doesn’t produce results.  You’ll never know until you start tracking. This section provides more than enough information to start testing and tracking the crucial elements of your business. Click here to get started >>>

Email Marketing Mastery: Building A Responsive List - Lesson #18

Gabor goes into great detail about the importance of e-mail marketing, and specific strategies you can use to stand out from the crowd and get your e-mails read. To the more experienced marketer, some of these techniques will be familiar already… especially if you understand copywriting.  For the beginner, this will be an eye opening section which will show you the real beauty of managing an e-mail list, and how the gurus really do it.  There is a lot of information here, which covers technical aspects like formatting, through to emotional elements such as building a relationship with your subscribers (which is crucial if you ever want them to buy from you). By owning a responsive list you are able to make money without traffic(because all the traffic is already there waiting for you, and all it takes is one e-mail from you to see the money pouring in.)

Passive Continuity: The Ultimate Target! - Lesson #19

There is a major misconception with affiliate marketing… which is that you are supposed to drive traffic to affiliate offers, so you can bypass creating your own products. The whole point of this course, is to allow you to create your own business and your own products… and use affiliate marketing to make money on the backend as well. In this section, Gabor actually gives you 10 examples of solid products you can promote to earn a residual monthly income with… and they all practically sell themselves!  When you know how to incorporate affiliate promotions into your business, you can safely watch your business grow with very little extra work in terms of product creation.  Gabor’s training is more than enough to get you up and running with affiliate marketing as additional income to your new business.

Driving Targeted Traffic - Lesson #20 to Lesson #30

Lessons 20 to 30 all cover various aspects of getting traffic. Some of them are more effective than others, but they’re all proven and time-tested methods for getting targeted traffic online.  Gabor’s training is concise but not overbearing. For more seasoned marketer, some of this stuff will be obvious … but speaking from experience, I found several nuggets within each lesson which more than justified the cost of the entire course.  The beauty of these different methods, is that you can pick one that you feel comfortable with. My suggestion is run with one method until you are really good at it, and then move on to another one … otherwise you could become overwhelmed. I also like the fact that there is a good mix of free traffic methods and paid methods too.  Traffic really is the lifeblood of any business, because it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into creating a good product or website … if you can’t get traffic then you’ll remain broke.

Product Launch Frenzy - Lesson #31

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In this final section, Gabor explains how you can do your own product launches, regardless of your current situation or product size. He begins by outlining 4 different types of product launch so that you can pick one that is suitable for your current situation. He then goes on to explain how to create anticipation, excitement, curiosity, and a whole range of other emotions to get people foaming at the mouth over your products during the launch period.  He also explains the four-part sequence which makes up any type of product launch, and what you need to be doing at each step of the way.  To help you along, he also shows you how to attract JV partners to sell your stuff for you during the launch, which is essential for making a big splash (and lots of money!).  His list of dos and don’ts really provides the crucial insight you need to pull off a successful launch.  Work is involved and sometimes it can take weeks to build up to launch day … but once you’ve done one launch, you then have everything in place to roll out another launch very easily (you’ll already have a list and JV partners ready to do it all again!).


Time Released Bonuses Every 30 Days

Gabor also offers time released bonuses, and you get a new product for free every month that you remain a member.  You also get a huge range of built-in bonuses from the moment you activate your account. These all cover crucial aspects of taking your business to the next level, and all of the bonuses tie in nicely to the core training inside Income Autopilot.  Be careful not to become overwhelmed or get distracted with other systems.

Additional Sections:

There’s also a handy “what’s coming” tab, which shows you upcoming content for your ongoing membership. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to promote income autopilot as an affiliate with tons of great tools at your disposal. If you get chance, this can be a great way to subsidise the small asking price of the membership…but again, do not let this distract you from the main goal of creating your own products!


It’s clear to see that Income Autopilot has been created to provide a full A-Z solution for anybody interested in creating and selling their own info products. As you probably already know, there are thousands of products on the market which show you how to do market research, create content, design websites, drive traffic, recruit affiliates, promote affiliate programs… but very few of them tie all of this into one system like Income Autopilot does.  Right from the introduction, you can tell that Gabor knows this business inside out … and knows what really makes a difference to your success.  Not only does he explain time management and mindset in a very simplistic way, but he also gives you practical examples and steps to apply everything you are taught as you progress through the guide. And when it comes to the main system, you are never left scratching your head trying to fill in the gaps…it is very detailed.  With so many books on the market teaching only a fraction of what Income Autopilot delivers, and usually at 10 x the price, it’s hard to deny the sheer value that this course offers.  You only have to take a look at the scripts which are worth a few hundred dollars, along with the step-by-step training, to realise how much value you are really getting here.  Ultimately, although a few areas could have room to expand (such as the copywriting training), it’s hard to believe that an entire A-Z business model can be crammed into one product/membership.  Unlike other memberships, you don’t have to wait months until it picks up. From day one, you have everything you need to start and run a profitable Internet marketing business online.  Gabor gives you a real business model to follow by selling information products of high value. If you are an affiliate who has been bummed out with a lack of results, then this is the kind of business model which will really make sense for you instead. This isn’t just about creating an e-book and selling it in a forum…this is about creating a quality product, getting traffic from various sources, generating backend sales, creating an affiliate program so that you don’t have to generate your own traffic, and launching the whole business to make a whole bunch of money upfront from day one. Summary:

Good points

- step-by-step FULL A-Z system for creating a profitable info product business - based on a proven business model - simplified and easy to absorb (including images) - extremely high value for money (including major software thrown in) - taught by a seasoned & professional info product/affiliate marketer - no need to waste money on fads/gimmicks/expensive tools etc = ethical, honest and fun to run - perfect for beginners, or struggling marketers - no hype or fluff

Bad points

- some areas could do with a little more info (copywriting for example) - seasoned experts may find some of the info obvious - market research, copywriting, and finding JV’s does take time and patience/trial and error

Who is it right for?

For beginners, this course is an ideal roadmap to running your own business online.  Experienced marketers may find some of the information a little bit too familiar, but they will still benefit from a step-by-step plan along with the awesome bundled software to manage your products, links, websites, marketing material, affiliates … etc.  If you already own successful information products and websites, then this product is probably not for you.  However, if you’re looking to get your first business online, or you like the idea of owning your own products and being in full control of your future, then this is a perfect opportunity to learn from a walk the walk pro, by the name of Gabor Olah. The bottom line is - you just have to go and do it. If you love the idea of owning your own products and being your own boss, then I highly recommend you check out the IncomeAutopilot system. I don’t know how long the price will remain as low as it is, or whether the bonuses are going to be kept in place for much longer either … so my advice is jump on this now whilst you still have the chance. What have you got to lose?

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Even if the bonuses are removed and the price does go up, this course will be still be amazing value at double the price. But don’t just act on the price being so low, also remember why you’re here … … you are here because you are desperately looking for a solution to making money online. Right now, I’m giving you a legitimate solution That provides you with step by step instructions to create autopilot income. The whole system is backed by solid guarantee, so you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure you act fast. The key to any kind of success is making decisions.   Life waits for no man (or woman )… and right now, you have an amazing opportunity to jump on board the info marketing goldmine. With IncomeAutopilot by your side, it is going to be a fun ride …

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