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Claiming your Google Plus Local page is a great way to expand your marketing reach.  It is not, however, as simple as plugging in your information and launching your page.  Time and effort have to be invested in optimizing your listing for search engines.  Put some thought into important items such as keywords and categories.  Google lets you choose any number of business categories to associate with your listing, and while you may be tempted to pick one that seems to fit best, understand that the categories you choose have a huge impact on how many visitors are attracted to your Google Plus Local page.  The following guide will help you choose the right categories for your listing:

Selecting Google Plus Local Categories

Going with Google’s categories versus creating your own.  Although Google will let you create your own business category, and although I’m sure your business is totally unique and deserves a category all its own, don’t.  Google’s category list is keyword rich and proven effective with Google’s (duh!) search engine rankings.

List your possible choices.  Start with Google’s list of categories from your Google Plus Local Account link.  Be thorough – the time you invest up front will pay off in the end.  Make a list of every conceivable category under which your business may fall, even if it seems too much.  Imagine all the ways potential customers can need your products or services and come at it from many different angles.

Research and analyze your list of possible categories.  Choose the strongest, most relevant categories (using keyword tools like Google’s free Adwords tool) to narrow down the categories that get the most local monthly searches. Then, compare your potential categories side by side and narrow your list down to the strongest.

Choose your final categories.  From your edited list, you will come to see your business in a new light, from the perspective of a customer in need of your product or service.  Go with the categories that generate the most searches, leading the highest number of potential customers to your Google Plus Local page.

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