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Google Local

Google+ Local has been anticipated by quite a few and now that it is finally here it is extremely important that businesses understand how this change will impact them and what they should do.  Businesses that are smart enough to utilize the amazing free service that Google offers will have a tremendous advantage over their competition.   Here are a few ways that you can maximize the impact that Google Plus Local has on your bottom line.

Google+ Local Tab

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Most people reading this probably already have a Google Plus account and a Google Page for their business, but if you don’t, you can set one up here.  The interface now includes more tabs, one of which is “Local”.  It may be under the more tab, but you can drag it to the dock.  I moved “Local” and “Pages” out because I use them more than “Photos” and “Games”.  The Local tab allows you to instantly see any restaurants and businesses that are nearby.  Local is powerful for all local businesses, but because of the Zagat integration restaurants seem to be the type of businesses that are most excited about the recent changes.  Local Places/Pages are ranked based on their location and their rating with a special weight given to the opinions of a users connections (what your friends like and do online affects your search results.).

Google Places Pages show up in a variety of Google searches, and frequently show up in mobile searches and not just Android devices, most iphone and ipad users like to “Google” anything they need to find too.  In fact, more than 50% of all searches for local businesses such as restaurants are already done from mobile devices.  Recently, on Valentines day, 65% of searches for the word restaurant were from a mobile device.  This trend will only continue as millions of new mobile devices are activated every day.

g+How Can Businesses Leverage Google Plus Local?

Businesses can take advantage of Google Plus Local by creating a free page and then properly optimizing and updating the page to make sure that as many people as possible see it.  Many people will immediately call or visit one of the first three listings they see, so ranking highly is important.  Many people will want to review the businesses Google Page and look at pictures, watch videos and read reviews from customers, so it is important that to make the business page appealing.  Many people will choose to continue to research the businesses they find through Google Plus Local and will either click on the link to the companies website (if there is one) or they will search the business name in Google and review the results, so it is also important for businesses and people to make sure they have a good online reputation.

To make sure that your business is ready to deal with the changes to Google Plus Local and the impact they will have on your business, contact Hopp2IT today!