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What is Google Sniping?

Google Sniping is a technique created by George Brown.  Google Sniping has been proven to work.  In fact, Google Sniping is reported to be directly responsible for over 50 people quiting their jobs.  One of the best things about Google Sniping is that it is very simple to understand.  Google Sniping is a great way to learn how to make money online.  Maybe a sniper site could be the breakthrough you need to quit your job.

How To Get Started Google Sniping

Google Sniper 2.0 offers easy to follow instructions from George Brown.  George teaches you how to build a sniper site and also gives you valuable tips to help you make money online Google Sniping.  The biggest problem that most websites face is that they do not receive enough targeted traffic.  In Google Sniper 2.0 George Brown teaches you how to get the targeted traffic you need to make money online with affiliate marketing or by selling your own products using sniper sites.  Take a look at this great free video to learn more.

How To Build A Sniper Site

  • Find buyer keywords that offer profitable opportunities
  • Choose keyword rich domains
  • Write content that is search engine optimized and also written to pre-sell for maximum conversions.
  • Cloak your affiliate links and optimize your link placement to maximize your clicks.
  • Establish a few quality backlinks to make sure that your site is quickly indexed by the search engines.

The process is simple, and if done correctly you can make money online by creating sniper websites.

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