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Google created a lot of “buzz” around Google Plus, their most recent social networking platform.  The growth rate of the user base has far exceeded all social networks of the past, but many people debate about it’s overall level of success.  Loyal Google fans recognize the social media site as a unique from Facebook and Twitter despite the frequent comparisons.  Businesses are especially finding that have a Google Plus Local Business Page can add substantial marketing and branding power to their online presence and mobile marketing efforts.  Google Places now show up in Google Plus Local, but it is important for local businesses to make sure that they understand a few things about the switch.

Google Plus Goes Local

Social Authority

Google Places was created as a replacement to the old fashioned yellow pages and a way to add businesses to Google Maps.  Not only can the information be found from any internet enabled device, it is continually updated with current information and includes Google Places reviews and photos.  Google Plus Local will allow businesses to truly interact with their customers with verified reviews from Google Plus users and a more photos and videos.  Google Plus Local Pages can also be organized into Google+ circles to allow for filtering and searching with ease.

Connect With Customers

Google Business Listings will show up through a variety of different searches and not only when someone specifically requests information for a location.  Expect to see Google Plus Local Pages when users search Google Maps, Google Plus and  It is also quite likely that Google Local Listings will be prevalent when users search using Google Mobile apps and when using Android devices.

Zagat Scoring Comes to Google Plus Local

Google Places used a 5 star scale for their user rating system.  Google recently acquired Zagat and it is clear that one major reason was that the Zagat scoring system is widely recognized and respected.  The Zagat score is very comprehensive because it includes a number of different categories that are specific to different types of businesses.  The scoring system ranges from 0-30 and reflects a wide range of factors which helps customers to make better decisions about where they spend their money.

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