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Affiliate Marketing Success

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

One of the easiest and most popular ways to make money online is to promote affiliate products.  There are many great affiliate programs to choose from, but one of the best is the ClickBank Affiliate program.  ClickBank offers tens of thousands of digital products that you can promote and earn a commission.  Some products will even pay as high as 75% commissions!

With so many different products to choose from it can be difficult to figure out which products are the best to promote to make money.  The MarketPlace does provide a lot of different statistics that you can use to analyze your choices but many people still have a hard time finding the best options.

Here are a few suggestions for ClickBank success

  • Whenever possible, look for products that will provide with recurring payments which is listed as “rebill” in the Marketplace
  • Find products that offer good affiliate resources.  Within the product description you will find a url to their affiliate page that may include banner ads, email swipes, keyword lists and even blog posts and social media posts.  The best affiliate programs will teach you exactly how to sell their product, you just need to do the work.
  • Optimize for product names.  You can get a lot of free search engine traffic that is generated by other peoples promotion efforts.
  • Promote products that are proven to convert, but don’t bother promoting the most popular products with SEO because the competition will be to high to expect results.

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

The best way that I have found to search through the ClickBank MarketPlace to find high converting products that don’t already have a ton of competition is to use a free Firefox plugin called CBSurge.  Once you install this plugin you can instantly see which products are worth your effort to promote, and which are too difficult.  You can quickly scan the list of products and search for low hanging fruit.  Once you have identified the easiest targets you can build a sniper site, build an authority site, write a blog post, create a YouTube video or just use social media marketing.  The key to this strategy is to find quality products that are gaining popularity that haven’t been over promoted by other affiliate marketers.  When you find these products and keywords you will discover that making money online is not that difficult.

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7 Steps To Affilate Marketing Success

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

  1. Download the free CBSurge plugin here.
  2. Open Firefox and visit the ClickBank MarketPlace.
  3. Start browsing products in categories that interest you.
  4. Look for the products that are highlighted in green and avoid those that show up as red.
  5. Click on the products that are highlighted in green and check them out.  Does it look like a quality product?  Does it look like something you would buy?
  6. When you find a product that gets a yes to both questions, buy the product and create an honest review and include your affiliate links.  Post your review to a product name keyword optimized domain and create product name keyword optimized videos,  product name keyword optimized articles and product name keyword optimized social media content
  7. Perform on page and off page SEO to your product name keyword optimized content to drive traffic and affiliate sales.