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Email marketing is a great way to make money online.  In fact, if done correctly email marketing can help you make money on autopilot.  In email marketing the quality of your list is much more important than the size of your list.  In order to make money with email marketing you should strive to have a relationship with your list.  Provide high quality information and content and people will look forward to your next message.  To keep your subscribers interested you should provide quality content directly within at least some of your emails rather than only sending emails with an affiliate link and instructions to click on it.

If you are serious about making money online then you need a professional email marketing hosting account.  Make an investment in your business and get a professional email marketing provider.  You will get better delivery rates, CAN SPAM compliance, email quality, list management and you’ll protect your ISP.

There are many different email marketing services to choose from.  You will find differences in pricing, ease of use and reliability.  My personal favorites are Aweber and GetResponse.  It is highly recommended that you read the terms of service before you decide on your email marketing company.  I also recommend that you have more than one account and more than one email marketing provider.

AWeber Aweber offers free video seminars to help you learn email marketing.  You also get easy WordPress integration as well as the ability to work with Twitter and Facebook.  AWeber includes email templates and subscribtion forms and a comprehensive list of features.  Sign up for AWeber for just $1 here.

GetResponse GetResponse is easy to use, and is quite affordable.  You can easily create beautiful emails in minutes.  You can even include video in your emails.  You get sophisticated tracking tools so you can analyze your campaigns and get a higher ROI.  GetResponse even includes extra free features like online surveys.  Social media integration is included.  Try GetResponse free here.

iContact iContact offers great delivery rates, ease of use and affordable pricing.  You can find email marketing management services at iContact.  With managed services you get to work hand in hand with email marketing experts.  You also get additional premium services like Salesforce integration.  Social media integration is included.  Try iContact for free here.

Vertical Response Vertical Response is integrated with Google Apps, Salesforce and Intuit.  Social media integration is included.  Vertical response has the largest professionally designed email template library in the industry.  They also offer the option to chat with a marketing coach.  Click here to get a free trial.

Constant Contact Constant Contact offers free personal coaching by phone, email and chat and in person.  Social media integration is included.  Constant Contact offers over 400 email templates that you can choose from and customize.  You can get a 60 day trial for Constant Contact here.

All of the email marketing companies above are good choices, they just have a few differences.  Choose the sites you’re most comfortable with, but be sure to read the terms of service to make sure that your campaign complies with the rules.  You can usually move your list later but you’ll probably have to require them to opt in again and you will most likely lose some subscribers.  Don’t worry too much about losing a few subscribers though.  List building is an ongoing process if you want to make money online with email marketing.  Choose a good email marketing service to get the tools you need to make money online while you sleep.


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