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Leverage The Mobile Revolution

Smart businesses are leveraging the popularity of smartphones by using custom mobile applications to stay in touch with customers.  Mobile applications allow convenient communication between customers and businesses and can be extremely helpful to both.  The powerful mobile revolution provides a many different ways to use technology to serve peoples wants and needs.

Customers Love Custom Mobile Applicationscustom apple apps

Customers can use mobile apps in many different ways to save time, save money and have fun.  Mobile apps can help customers find and contact the business they need, and then help the customer check in for a loyalty coupon and save money.  A mobile app is a great way to make a reservation at a favorite restaurant or club.  Mobile apps can make it easy to schedule appointments with doctors, dentists, chiropractors, hair salons, tanning salons and massage parlors and other professionals like realtors, CPA, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance agents and loan officers.  Mobile applications can even include special tools like tip calculators, car payment calculators and mortgage payment calculators.  With a mobile app it is easy to find out about exclusive discounts and share valuable deals with friends with a few simple taps and swipes.

Businesses Love Custom Mobile Applications

custom android apps

Businesses can use mobile applications to find new customers and to provide better service to the customers they already have.  Any business that wants to stay in touch with their customers and prospects should consider a custom mobile application.  Mobile apps provide significant value to customers and that provides a great opportunity for any business to stay top of mind.  In addition to providing many great features that customers use and enjoy like one touch dialing, one touch directions and one touch sharing, a mobile app is also a great way for a business to provide relevant information to their customers.  A mobile app puts everything customers needs to know, from company information, to FAQ’s and general industry info right in the palm of their hand.  A custom mobile app provides prestige to a company and positions them on the cutting edge of technology for the good of their customers.  Someday most businesses will have a mobile app, but today it makes a business stand out from the competition.

Mobile devices are replacing computers and mobile apps are replacing websites.  The average smartphone users spends more time on a mobile app than they do on the mobile web.  Over half of adults use their mobile device for help in store when making a purchase.  Businesses have a tremendous opportunity to provide customers with the tools they need to conveniently make educated purchases by providing free mobile apps.  By giving customers the tools they need businesses will sell more products and increase customer satisfaction.  Happy customers are repeat customers.

If you want your business to leverage the mobile revolution with a custom mobile application, contact Hopp2IT today to find out how easy it can be!  Click here or call 720-352-0795.