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DoFollow Backlink Love

I installed the free CommentLuv WordPress plugin recently.  I did not opt for CommentLuv premium at this time.  I do like the features that come with the premium version, but I don’t buy many premium plugins and I am still undecided about this one.  The free CommentLuv plugin allows some of the main benefits such as DoFollow links for those who leave comments on your blog.  The free CommentLuv plugin allows you to require visitors to register as a user in exchange for DoFollow links and allowing them to choose from their 10 most recent posts and the plugin also has a setting to allow these features for everyone.  This blog allows anyone to leave a comment and get a DoFollow link to their choice of their 10 most recent posts.  This is a Commentluv enabled DoFollow blog.

Premium Plugin

The Social Enticements feature is one of the most attractive features of CommentLuv premium.  This feature can help your content go viral on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  When users share your content they will be given even more flexibility and backlink juice when creating backlinks to their sites which makes your site a better place for them to come and leave comments.  Social media sharing can bring traffic to your sites from the social media sites and is also a contributing factor in search engine algorithms.  Social media is a great traffic source.

CommentLuv Premium delivers several other premium features including a couple of different anti-SPAM features that can be especially helpful.  Many people worry about making their blog DoFollow or adding a plugin like CommentLuv because they are worried about the amount of comment SPAM they will get.  CommentLuv Premium can be a great way to encourage comments and interaction from your visitors while keeping SPAM to a minimum.

CommentLuv Premium allows visitors to enter their Twitter ID for even more backlinking power.  Finding relevant high PR blogs that use CommentLuv Premium is an outstanding tool for an effective backlinking strategy.

Another great feature of CommentLuv Premium is the top commentators widget.  Many times this widget is displayed on EVERY posts of a blog.  In some cases that can be thousands of posts.  If you leave enough comments to become one of the top commentators then you would receive THOUSANDS of backlinks!


CommentLuv Premium includes Keyword Name which is actually a feature very similar to KeywordLuv.  Visitors are encouraged to enter yourname@yourkeyword and their link will be displayed with only the keyword as the anchor text.  Keyword anchor text links have excellent SEO potential.  KeywordLuv is a free plugin that was created by Stephen Cronin who can be found at his blog More Than Scratch The Surface and @StephenCronin.

CommentLuv and KeywordLuv Enabled DoFollow Blog

I have also installed Keywordluv, so feel free to enter yourname@yourkeyword in the name field when leaving comments.  It will be displayed as “yourname from yourkeyword”.  Comments are moderated so make sure that you leave a comment that actually contributes and shows that you read the content and you will be rewarded with two quality keyword anchor text backlinks to your sites.