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If you don’t have CBWatch then you don’t get ClickBank affiliate sale notication emails because unfortunately, ClickBank does not offer an affiliate sales notification email at this time.  That leaves many affiliates who are struggling to make money online logging in to check their stats in hopes of seeing some sales.  If you want to make money online you need to spend as much time as possible creating sales rather than checking your account hoping for new sales.  That is why anyone who wants to promote ClickBank products should check out CBWatch.  CBWatch is a great free tool that will notify you when you make a sale on ClickBank.  CBWatch will send you email notifications for all your ClickBank affiliate sales, and it is free to use and easy to set up.

CBWatch is free with a free basic membership to the Catalog Package at the ClickBank Success Forum.  The ClickBank Success Forum is a fantastic resource for anyone who uses ClickBank, from the newbie the the ClickBank super affiliate.  The Forum is a free community for vendors and affiliates to interact, ask questions, find JV partners and locate information.  The ClickBank Success Forum was created by two ClickBank super affiliates, Harvey Segal and Adrian Ling .  The ClickBank Success Forum also features a private members only area run by experts in helping ClickBank affiliates succeed.  The Catalog System is the top resource for affiliates looking to promote ClickBank products and make more money through ClickBank.  There are several ways that you can make money with the Catalog System.  The Catalog System includes advertising, viral ebook distribution and great recurring affiliate commissions for referring new members.

The ClickBank Success Forum offers a valuable community to help you learn how to make money online with ClickBank and the Catalog Package has tools like CBWatch and much much more, that you need to become a super affiliate.  Learn more here.

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